Aidan Booth Review

Aidan Booth lives in Argentina with his wife and kids but was raised in New Zealand on a farm. Booth is a very successful online marketer and has many different online business models that he uses to make money with.

He didn’t always want a career online but when he moved to Argentina with his wife he didn’t know any Spanish and couldn’t find any work locally. He turned to the internet in hopes of finding a way to make money. He came across many different opportunities but didn’t find success until he found affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Websites

After using paid traffic to send people to his affiliates websites he started seeing some good income coming in. Aidan then decided to expand his success into the world of eCommerce. At that point he thought he had the whole thing figured out and hired a team of people and started building 3 new websites everyday. Some of the websites for flops but many of them were making him a lot of money.

Unfortunately for him it didn’t last after Google released a major update to their algorithm and a third of his websites disappeared for good. The rest were still bringing in good money but it was a wake up call to him.

After that point he decided to add more diversity to his online portfolio and switched his focus to improving his e-commerce websites. Since then he has been teaching people how to replicate his success.

Aidan Booth Ecommerce Training

After reading this Aidan Booth review for 2022 I learned that their training Kibo Code Eclipse has a solid reputation. Aidan and Steve Clayton have a proven track record when it comes to teaching their online business models to new students.

Steve Clayton Partnership

In 2013 he decided to partner up with Steve Clayton who came from a corporate background and took his business mindset to a whole new level. Since them Aidan and Steve have really diversified their business to include many different online business models.

Together they have built up a portfolio of 6 different business models.

1. They continue to build affiliate websites and ecommerce stores.
2. They do internet marketing training and consult with other online business owners
3. They have a local business marketing agency that has franchises across 5 different countries.
4. They started creating their own physical product brands
5. The have a many difference software products they offer on a subscription basis
6. They started their own hosting company where people can also register domain names.

Each year they teach a new group of students the exact business model that they personally use to make millions of dollars online. Most years they teach people how to make money with e-commerce and this year is no different.

Kibo Code Eclipse Review

In January 2022 they will be allowing new students to join their training program called the Kibo Code Eclipse. They have taught a version of the Kibo Code for the last 2 years. But this year they have taken everything they learned from their students in the previous years and make drastic improvements to ensure people make money even faster.

The Kibo Code Eclipse teaches people how to make money with e-commerce. For example you can make money by selling outdoor wood furnaces and related items like parts, water pumps, door sealers, replacement gaskets, water treatment, circulating pumps etc. You can sell these items on your own website and places like Amazon.