Responsible Ownership of Your Wood Furnace

DO BE CONCERNED about smoke emissions if you don’t have one of the smokeless outdoor wood furnaces:

  • Consider prevailing wind direction when choosing site location
  • If neighbors are close, get their agreement in writing before purchasing
  • We think that 500 ft is a minimum distance to neighbors’ buildings
  • Water can be piped great distances without heat loss if necessary to avoid smoke problems
  • Don’t consider outdoor wood furnaces other than smokeless models for built-up urban areas
  • Burn dry, seasoned wood
  • Don’t overload furnace – small amounts are better to control smoke
  • Decrease time between loads by loading twice daily
  • Rake coals – charcoal burns hot without smoke
  • Raise aqua-stat temperatures
  • Don’t burn during summer months for domestic water heating
  • Raise chimney height if necessary
  • Open fan air feed to maximum
  • Don’t use natural draft furnaces
  • Don’t burn garbage


  • Clear ground around furnace
  • Use cement blocks under furnace
  • Install rain cap
  • Install spark arrester
  • Use quality pipe such as Kitec and not polybutylene
  • Use environmentally friendly Glycol solution
  • Follow manufacturer’s clearances DO USE qualified installers

Contact your local Outdoor Wood Furnace Manufacturer.