Underground Installation of Outdoor Wood Furnace Piping

Proper underground installation is the key to maximizing heating efficiency while controlling the amount of fuel consumed.

Here Are The DO’s:

  • DO be concerned about ground water.
  • DO dig the trench to about 18″ to 24″ deep.
  • DO put crushed rock in bottom of trench to wick away ground water.
  • DO insulate feed and return lines with a minimum of 2″ of foam insulation.
  • DO separate feed and return lines from each other with insulation.
  • DO wrap insulation in plastic poly tube or seal to prevent water from entering.
  • DO backfill trench with sawdust for extra insulating value.
  • DO cover sawdust with plastic and tuck in sides.
  • DO cover plastic with soil to ground level.

Here Are The DON’Ts:

  • DON’T dig the trench deeper than 18″ to 24″ deep to avoid ground water.
  • DON’T let the feed and return lines touch each other.
  • DON’T just put the lines in pipe and expect insulation values.